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Hubby and I were walking around a local water treatment plant (it has walking trails and quite a bit of landscaping around it – both as beautification and as part of the water system) and spotted this stalk of teasel poking up off the top of a hill. It was too far away for a […]

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Despite the fact it is viewed as cliched, I love taking pictures of flowers and foliage. Sometimes these are close-up shots and sometimes they are more distant views but I still love them. I guess it’s because they make me smile. It’s hard to worry or fret if you are looking at a pretty flower. […]

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A fellow patient at my chiropractor’s office had brought the staff a beautiful orchid as a thank you for the great care they provide and my husband saw it the day after they received it. Knowing my love of flowers (like he could miss it), he took a quick picture with his cell phone and […]

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