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How to Mortify your Pre-Teen

I went to my pre-teen’s art fair at his school yesterday and brought my camera since I’d notices some purple flowers opening up at his school. After we did a brisk tour of the various art displays and picked up his artwork, I went over to the flowers with my camera and started taking pictures. I got some really nice flower close-ups, too!

Then, from behind me, I hear another child say “Hi. Hey, your mom is taking pictures of flowers?”

My son says with a sigh worthy of any sixteen-year-old-drama-queen teenage girl. “Yah. I know. My mom likes flowers.”

I just wish I could have seen his face. Normally he likes going with me and even looks for nice flowers or bees for me. Apparently this is decidedly uncool around his friends though. Cracked me up.

Here’s one of the schoolyard flowers. I’ll have to look up what it is.

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