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Hubby and I were walking around a local water treatment plant (it has walking trails and quite a bit of landscaping around it – both as beautification and as part of the water system) and spotted this stalk of teasel poking up off the top of a hill. It was too far away for a […]

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Despite the fact it is viewed as cliched, I love taking pictures of flowers and foliage. Sometimes these are close-up shots and sometimes they are more distant views but I still love them. I guess it’s because they make me smile. It’s hard to worry or fret if you are looking at a pretty flower. […]

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This moth was sitting on my front porch, perched on a cardboard box and was remarkably patient as I got my tripod set up and camera going. I didn’t want to move him and there wasn’t a ton of light, so I didn’t get as close as I wanted to but I’m amazed at just […]

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