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Monthly Archives: July 2012

This moth was sitting on my front porch, perched on a cardboard box and was remarkably patient as I got my tripod set up and camera going. I didn’t want to move him and there wasn’t a ton of light, so I didn’t get as close as I wanted to but I’m amazed at just […]

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We had known for a long time that Merlin was fading and we decided to get a young cat both to keep our other cat company (she doesn’t cuddle with the semi-ferals) and because I really was going to be sad without a cuddle cat. My husband and I had a few criteria: young but […]

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One thing my photography addiction has given me is great memories captured in electronic bits. One of the reasons it’s been so quiet around here is because my old man cat, Merlin, who had been chronically ill for a while, took several bad turns for the worst and I eventually had to let him go. […]

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